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Well it's fair to say that youtube has changed the way we educate, stimulate, celbrate and entertain. When it comes to RC there are plenty of youtube clips from buying to building to blunders; it's definately all there. Unfortunately with the millions of clips and channels it's often a real drag searching for the information you are looking for. I know i've spent hours and hours rattling through sometimes painful video clips only to find myself more confused and bewildered.

I thought it would be good to share some probably well known but none the less worthwhile channels.




By far one of the best if not the best - The author also writes for a relatively new UK published magazine and knows his stuff with quality video's and plain English explanations.

Channel Description:

Dedicated to making Remote Control (RC) models and technology easier to understand. New videos added every week - 'Quick Tips' on a Tuesday and longer more detailed videos every Friday. A number of the videos are a direct result of questions and comments from subscribers so let me know if you need something explained!


RCModel Reviews

A great review channel with a mostly unbiased and frank method of running through lots of RC stuff. There is also a great website with forums etc. Worth a look and subscription - but that's just my opinion; check it out for yourself!

Channel Description:

RC Model Reviews brings you totally objective, unbiased in-depth reviews of RC products that are not compromised by commercial pressures. If it sucks, I'll tell you. You'll also find a lot of "how does it work" articles that explain how things such as as Spread Spectrum, servos, batteries, and other pieces of RC equipment work.

Subscribe to this channel now and bookmark the RCModelReviews website so you'll always be just a click away from the latest news, reviews and information about all things R/C.



I like this guy, not sure why, lots of videos and a good section on videography, pretty sure he just likes anything that goes fast.

Channel Description:

Videos and reviews of the latest RC helicopters, quadcopters, multi-rotors, planes and cars from manufacturers like Walkera, Syma, DJI, Lotus RC, Redcat Racing and your very own Only Flying Machines. Featuring FPV footage and tutorials along with video guides for the latest OFM products. Your best source for videos and information on the top RC machines from China.


Quadcopter 101

Some all round great reviews and some very useful flying and repair tips. If Painless360 is no.1 this guy is a close no.2 but for different reasons. Just some very lively reviews and some great footage - I'm not sure where this guy is from but he often flies in a "desert" closely resembling the surface of Mars or some other crazy planet!

Channel Description:

Multicopters, drones, quadcopters. These little aircraft are all a new breed of radio control (RC) fun that are rapidly gaining in popularity. But with newness, there is limited information available on these systems. This is particularly true for newcomers who wish to participate, but do not understand how to get started. But first be forewarned, this is a very addicting hobby. Once you start... eh, you'll find out.


Charpu FPV

This guy would be close to one of the best FPV flyers i've come across. Very active in the sport and has produced some awesome videos worth watching. Do yourself a favour and subscribe to this "underrated" channel. I love it!

Channel Description:

Man of very few words obviously.