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Welcome to DroneTraders

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Hi I'm glad your here. This is a very simple site designed to help people like me (and I hope you) continue to enjoy and develop the hobby of RC, and more specifically drones. Over the years I have built that many planes, boats, cars and other RC models that I couldn't count them with all my and your fingers and toes!

This means that I also have lots and lots of "extra" bits and bobs that just maybe could have a better home than the countless boxes piling up under my desk, in my garage, under the bed, in the kids wardrobes and the roof space.

So I thought wouldn't it be good if I could create a forum where people could swap sell and buy this stuff. Yeah it's called eBay I hear you say; well I for one are a little tired of wading through all the commercial adds looking for someone who is genuinely trying to sell something that they no longer have a use for. And because I'm looking for something specific it would also be good to have a forum where I can talk to like minded hobbyists AND last but by no way the least important wouldn't it be great if I could share my buddy codes from hobby king and the like...

Well, here it is. This site! Launched very softly in April 2016 so if your the first one here don't be surprised and don't keep it a secret! The more enthusiasts we can get here the better it will be. Oh, and of course it's developing so be a little patient.

Enjoy the site and feel free to contact me with any ideas on how to make it better, if you have time maybe you could consider contributing or becoming a forum moderator... if this sounds like you then get in touch.

Cheers Shooter.